Sports and COVID-19 – How to Handle the Situation?

by thedudes
Sports and COVID-19 – How to Handle the Situation?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change to all people around the world. At the same time, it has brought serious economic consequences. Sports were not exempt from these complications.

Thorough Consideration

Sports and COVID 19 How to Handle the Situation 2 - Sports and COVID-19 - How to Handle the Situation?

After an extended period of strict confinement, some activities are now possible. Sports such as tennis, soccer, cross-country, field hockey, and swimming are some sports that can now resume their practices and tournaments.

These sports, which are considered low risk, can be conducted as long as they follow the guidelines of the Department of Health.

On the other hand, sports that are high-risk because of their physical contacts such as soccer, wrestling, rugby, and ice hockey can continue their practices but without starting official games.

High school sports have been postponed until 2021. A plan is currently being devised so that tournaments can be held under strict security measures.

Everything has Changed

Sports and COVID 19 How to Handle the Situation 1 - Sports and COVID-19 - How to Handle the Situation?

When youth sports resume, whether at the interscholastic level or in small private leagues, everything will be different. Teams will need to keep a safe distance from each other and wear a mask. They should wash their hands more often and some plays will have to be modified.

Each player should check his or her temperature and COVID-19 tests will be done every week. Just like the Major Leagues do.

Despite the new measures, the sports industry will also change completely. Some parents will not feel safe letting their children play. Others will no longer be able to pay league fees and uniforms due to the economic downturn. According to the Wall Street Journal, 40% of youth sports clubs are likely to close.

While it all seems bad, there is a silver lining. Maybe this will allow us to reinvent ourselves and try something new. Young people can start riding bikes and rollerblades more often.

Some boys and girls will be able to take advantage of outings after school and, since they will not be going to training sessions, enjoy more meals with their families.

Despite these current circumstances, parents should continue to encourage their children to be active and exercise. In this way, they contribute to their physical and mental health.

All that remains is to wait for what the future holds.