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Learn about the most popular sports in Canada nowadays (Part 1)

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Learn about the most popular sports in Canada nowadays (Part 1)

There are a few things that make Canada unique and interesting. The country’s amazing climate, a strong economy, low crime rate, and proximity to the United States make it one of the best places to visit or live.

Canadians value several sports competitions not only for entertainment but also as a means of promoting the unity of the country. A wide variety of sporting activities provide the perfect opportunity for Canadians to show off their talents and compete effectively with the rest of the world on an international level.

  1. Wrestling

Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are popular at the high school and college level. Popular forms of wrestling include judo, sambo, and wrestling submission. Wrestling was brought to Canada by foreign coaches visiting the country and by sports students studying in other countries.

  1. Curling

Curling is a popular sport in Canada 300x210 - Learn about the most popular sports in Canada nowadays (Part 1)Curling is a popular sport in Canada, especially in grassy provinces with several nationally renowned teams based in Alberta and Manitoba. The organization also organizes annual national championships in the sport. The Men’s Perm National Championship is called Tim Hortons Brier while the women’s championship is called the Scotties Heart Tournament.

  1. Basketball

The origins of basketball are firmly embedded in Canada. The modern basketball game was founded by a Canadian, James Naismith, in 1891 while working as a physical education instructor in America. Some of the first players to join the game came from Canada. The game is especially popular in high schools and colleges in Nova Scotia.

Professional basketball in the country started in 1946 but became popular in 1994 when the NBA awarded franchises to the Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies.

  1. Rugby

Rugby was probably introduced in Canada by the Royal Navy in 1823, also boosting its development in different parts of the country. Although the game completely disappeared from the country, it was reintroduced by the formation of the national team and domestic competition.

Why are Youth Sports so Profitable Right Now?

by thedudes
Why are Youth Sports so Profitable Right Now?

Today, the new reality of young aspiring athletes in the United States is very different from that of years ago. Children of any skill level in any team sport are becoming part of a youth sports economy much like that of professional adults.

Little leagues that used to belong to low-income communities, such as towns, churches, and neighbourhoods, are no longer so bright. Little League participation has dropped by as much as 30% since the turn of the century.

These local leagues are no longer so important since they have been pushed aside by private club teams.

These private clubs offer development academies affiliated with professional sports franchises. The most competitive teams fight for future talent and travel to national tournaments.

High Expenses

The cost to parents is very high. More than 10% of the family income goes to these sports. Some parents must travel up to seven hours round trip to take their children to basketball practice. Some must travel up to 3 hours four days a week.

Other parents have no choice but to give up their childrencompletely. They leave them in institutions where they can easily spend up to a full year practicing. Sponsors pay for these fees, which can cost up to $30,000.

Many private companies take advantage of this. The youth sports economy in the United States represents a $15.4 billion market. Media, businesses, and former professional billionaires invest in technology that plans the schedules of young people. Increasingly, they are betting on youth sports to boost the local economy.

Recent studies show that early specialization in a single sport causes depression and exhaustion. Practically, these sports are becoming more privatized and large companies are putting a price on children.

Less than 3% of high school athletes play at the college sports level. Most parents spend thousands of dollars seeking an athletic scholarship for their children. But what parents ignore is that their children, knowing this, feel more pressure in sports and enjoy less what they are doing, which leads to frustration and high levels of anxiety.

Maybe it’s time for parents to think hard before putting their children through so much stress for a college scholarship. In many cases, it tends to be much better to save the money they spend on travel, uniforms, and so forth on their future college scholarships.

Parents’ support for their children through sports is good, but you must realize when you are pushing the limits of support to be mandatory.

On the other hand, as long as these big industries do not stop benefiting economically from these young dreamers, exploitation will continue for only a few dollars.

Little League World Series – Helping Future Stars to Blossom

by thedudes
Little League World Series – Helping Future Stars to Blossom

Little League of Canada has a very particular history. Below you can read more about this amazing non-profit organization.

A Bit of History

Since 1951,The Little League of Baseballhas been held in Canada. The first leagues in the United States were Nova Scotia and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Cape Breton. Canada is the second most important country in Little League with more than 500 active leagues.

By 1952, Montreal, Quebec became the first foreign entry into the Little League World Series.

It was not until 1953 that the Vancouver Little League Mountain became the Western Region’s representative for the World Series.

Canada achieved an automatic berth on the LLWS in 1958 and continues to participate in every tournament to this day. The only exception was in 1975.

In 1965, Canada began playing as a full region. Before this year, the western provinces were part of the tournaments with U.S. teams and the Maritime Provinces were excluded.

Although Canada has never won this Series, it has come very close. In 1965, the Stoney Creek Little League of Ontario was in the final.

The League with the most championships, for a total of 8, belongs to the Valleyfield Little League. Whalley LL of Surrey closely follows it, while British Columbia with 6 championships and Glace Bay LL and Trail are in third place with five championships.

Little League

Currently, Little League is made up of more than three million young people around the world, being part of 84 countries. It has amateur volunteers from around the world and is the largest sports organization that has this.

Volunteers help promote healthy living in communities. Only two employees are working full time in Little League Baseball Canada. The league’s managers, administrators, and coaches are volunteers.

More than 10,000 parents, family members, and communities support Major and Minor League Baseball in Canada. 35,000 young people play softball and baseball during the spring and summer.

Little League World Series Helping Future Stars to Blossom 1 - Little League World Series - Helping Future Stars to Blossom

Canada is characterized by being a country that promotes healthy living among its inhabitants. This is why Little League has been so successful over the years. With the support of the communities, the children have been able to develop their skills completely.

Through sport, they not only learn how to maintain a healthy life but they also learn to lose, to work as a team, to respect others, and to believe in themselves. In a way, this also encourages them to be better citizens and to be part of positive change for a better world.

10 Biggest AAU Basketball Tournaments in Canada and the USA

by thedudes
10 Biggest AAU Basketball Tournaments in Canada and the USA

Florida hosts eight of AAU’s 10boys’ basketball tournaments. They are held at the Disney Wide World Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista. The AAU and Disney formed a 30-year partnership in 1994 to support and be a part of these games.

Disney Wide World of Sports Complex is without a doubt, the best place to hold these tournaments. It has huge courts and tourist attractions for people of all ages. There are 28 tournaments of the AAU that are played throughout the year here.

Below you can read about some of the tournaments that have the most teams in Canada and the USA.

Jr Boys Division – National Championship – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

This event is held over a week and includes three games of pool before the start of the classic tournament. It’s the UCA’s largest national championship and has 164 teams competing for first place.

10 Biggest AAU Basketball Tournaments in Canada and the USA 1 - 10 Biggest AAU Basketball Tournaments in Canada and the USA

17U Super Showcase. Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

This tournament is held every year and has 164 teams. A perfect opportunity for college candidates to showcase their best performance to Division I coaches.

16U/10th Grade Division I – 147 teams – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

During July, the Disney Complex is gearing up to host 147 teams from 16U. It overlaps with the Jr. Boys tournaments.

14U/8th Grade Division I -126 teams – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The Wide World of Sports Complex opens its doors in mid-July to host the 126-team tournament. At the same time, ESPN Rise games are held.

13U/7th Grade National Championship – Memphis, Tenn.

This tournament is held at different locations in Memphis. It invites 112 teams and a curious fact is that it is one of the first national championships of the year for the AAU boys. A perfect tournament to discover the brightest talents in basketball.

14U/8th Grade Division II – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

This tournament, although held simultaneously with the 1aU Division I tournament, has 104 more teams, giving more opportunities.

12U/6th Grade Division I National Championship – Hampton, Va.

The 12U National Championship is held at the Boo Williams SportsPlex that features eight impressive basketball courts. 100 teams compete against each other to take first place at the Boo Williams, better known around the country as the ambassador of youth basketball.

16U Super Showcase – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

This four-day event features 100 teams demonstrating their skills to college coaches.

17U/JR Boys’ Division II – Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

This Division II of the National Junior Championship is held during the last days of July and over 240 17U teams compete for the two national titles.

11U/5th Grade Division I – Cocoa Beach, Fla.

This 72-team tournament closes a wonderful summer season in Cocoa Beach. It’s without a doubt one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year.

If you want to support your favourite team, get ready to travel to the city of the sun and experience incredible days between tournaments and tourist attractions. There’s no doubt that these tournaments, being well received by the Disney Complex, are full of adventures and good times that will be remembered forever.