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What are the major professional youth sports leagues in Canada?

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What are the major professional youth sports leagues in Canada?

Canada loves to play and watch sports. Popular sports include hockey, cross-country, and skiing, skiing, swimming, baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, soccer, and curling.

Professional Sports

Canada has some high-end sports teams competing in different Canadian and North American leagues. Going to a live sporting event is a popular pastime for many Canadians. Tickets can be expensive.

Major professional sports leagues in Canada are as follows.

National Hockey League (NHL)

There are also split championships in the country. The hockey governing body is Hockey Canada, which is also a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Men’s Canadian national hockey team competes in international tournaments such as the Olympics.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

The Major League Baseball League (MLB)

Canadian Football Federation (CFL)

The domestic sport’s top professional league is known as the Canadian Football Federation while Football Canada dominates the gameplay of the armature. The championship also covers U-18, 16, and 14. The Canadian national football team also participates in several international competitions such as the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Canada Soccer League (CSL)

Recreational sports

Canada Soccer League 300x186 - What are the major professional youth sports leagues in Canada?Many Canadians play sports in sporting tournaments or compete throughout the country. Most universities host their home tournaments for a variety of sports. Joining a sports tournament is a great way to get involved in college life and stay fit. For information on how to get involved, contact the Sports and Recreation Office at your Canadian agency.

Winter sports in Canada

Canada’s ski resorts are world-famous for their quality and beauty and are generally quite accessible to major cities.

Full-day, midnight, and night ski lift tickets are available and, although prices vary from resort resorts, they all offer special rates for the last several days. For a full day, a large pass will pay anywhere from 45 C $ (Mount Seymour) to 90 C $ (Whistler-Blackcomb).

All established resorts offer equipment and lesson rentals. Please contact the resort you plan to visit for more detailed information. Note that proper ski wear will be required to stay warm and enjoy these wonderful winter activities.