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The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 2)

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The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 2)

The team used are red, purple, black, and especially silver

When everything was needed, Raptors launched a promotional campaign called “We The North” (We from the North). To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the team reopened this campaign with one of the popular promotional products called “I Am Canadian”.

The “We The North” banner was held up as pride

We The North 300x200 - The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 2)In 2016, at a time when the Raptors had a chance to go far in the history of the team, the Canadian national television station recorded the game 7 match between Raptors – Pacers in the first round of Play-off officially becoming a broadcast program. the most-watched image in this country that day. It peaked at 2.63 million viewers and could be even higher in actual terms.

There are also basketball associations or tournaments in Canada, but the caliber has not reached the level of the NBA. Therefore, the only Canadian representative in the planet’s No. 1 basketball tournament is naturally expected.

Canadians and Americans often scoff at each other in many ways even though they are seen as neighbors. Through the above, we will see that the national pride of Canadians in the Toronto Raptors is not superficial at all.

Hope never turns off

Like most of the expanding clubs in American sports, the Raptors struggled in their early years and much after that. But their first famous soccer hero emerged from the 1998 draft – Vince Carter.

And along with the gradual progress of Tracy McGrady, Raptors NBA Play-off attended for 3 years from 2000 to 2002. The Vince Carter gave the fans feel proud Canadian championship dunk with incomparable in his history, along with bringing the team to an unprecedented depth to the semi-finals in the East.

They stopped in front of the Philadelphia 76ers, but it was enough to satisfy the majority of supporters. The Raptors brand officially flourishes from here. However, the Raptors also suffered a lot of pain when the faith was put in, but then disappointed. In 2004, the team let Vince Carter join the New Jersey Nets, creating a feud between the two teams for many years.

After the Carter era, Chris Bosh emerged as new hope and the Raptors also won many trophies in the 2006-2010 period. Coach Mitchell became the first coach in the team’s history to win the Best Coach award of the year.

The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 1)

by editor
The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 1)

As the Raptors become the sole representative team for Canada at the top NBA basketball tournament in the world, there are plenty of stories to show Canadians’ expectations for this collective.

Indeed, in the NBA Play-off last year as well as this year, in the rows of the Air Canada Center during Raptors matches, it is easy to see long rows of red maple leaves in the back.

This is also a symbol for Canada since the year 1,700. When the Raptors come on the pitch, honor, and responsibility are weighed down by the expectations for them not just being a regional representative in the NBA basketball tournament.

Representative basketball team of Canada

The Raptors become the sole representative team for Canada at NBA tournament 300x191 - The proud story of the Canadian to the Toronto Raptors (Part 1)The Raptors were formed in 1995 with the Vancouver Grizzlies during the NBA’s expansion into Canada. However, they became the only Canadian team when the Grizzlies re-established in Memphis, Tenessee (USA) to become the Memphis Grizzlies.

Someone said Canadians are not too crazy about basketball, this is not entirely true. It can be dull, but it will receive great expectation and attention once there are teams that can compete with American teams. If anyone needs to support this point, they can find many stories from the development of the Toronto Raptors.

In the past years, Canada had the Toronto Huskies as the member who competed in the American professional basketball tournament. In 1995, the Raptors and Grizzlies were formed as two teams that were part of the NBA’s expansion campaign. The point of conflict comes from the first step is the name, logo design, and image for Toronto’s representative team.

Activities to commemorate Canadian basketball achievements are still often held

Initially, the opinion was that it was advisable to use the name Huskies (Husky dogs) to revive old pride. But then, the team leaders realized that this image was too overlapping with the wild wolf of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

They decided to make a complete change by holding a contest within Canada to find the most suitable logo. Through more than 2,000 samples from dragons, scorpions, lynx… the last choice was the Raptors, which was completely announced on Canadian national television on May 15, 1994. Raptors are known as small predatory dinosaurs, inspired by the very famous movie Jurassic Park.