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 What are the most popular youth sport leagues in Canada? (Part 2)

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 What are the most popular youth sport leagues in Canada? (Part 2)

Rugby started in England, then British troops, settlers and a part of the Royal Navy brought the sport to Canada in 1823. With a long history activities, up to the present time Canada becomes one of the most powerful nations in rugby competitions in the world. Thanks to the closed national coaching certification program, the Canadian rugby sport has been growing stronger.


Although baseball is a national sport in the United States, its popularity has spread to regions in neighboring Canada. In the land of red maple leaves, baseball is one of the most popular summer sports. Most baseball players in Canada are college students who are passionate, young, and passionate about sports.

The golden age of baseball in Canada was the 1990s when in a row in 1992 and 1993 the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team won twice at the World Baseball Series. By 1997, athlete Larry Walker of the National Federation of Colorado Rockies had the honor of becoming the first Canadian to receive a prestigious award – the best baseball player in the world.


Cricket is becoming more and more popular now in Canada 300x197 -  What are the most popular youth sport leagues in Canada? (Part 2)Cricket is becoming more and more popular now in Canada. In 1968 Canada became a member state of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to increase its chances of participating in international competitions.

Up to now, the Canadian National Cricket Team has competed in 5 ICC Cricket World Cups, the last time was in 2016. Currently Canada is promoting curriculum, coaching and activities related to the subject cricket.


Tennis Canada is the tennis governing body in this country. Tennis Canada implements its tennis development in Canada by encouraging people to participate in the sport at the local, national and international levels. Tennis is one of the most interesting pastimes for Canadians. Currently the number of tennis players in Canada number up to nearly 3 million of which more than 50% are young people.


Scotland is the home of Golf – a noble sport. When Scots immigrated to Canada, they brought Golf with them to spread the word among the Canadians. Golf courses soon flourished in Canada and at the moment Canada is one of the best golfing countries in the world.


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