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Sport is not just a physical activity. Sport is a lifestyle that promotes health, physical, and mental well-being and above all, encourages healthy competition. Since the beginning of humanity, the sport has been present in the entertainment of human beings. It has evolved through different times until it became what it is today.

Healthy competition is essential to learn how to deal with the difficult situations that we face in life. Because of this, it is advisable to play sports, no matter how old you are.

Playing sports helps prevent disease and control overweight and body fat. It also strengthens bones, increasing bone density, and improves the ability to exert oneself without fatigue. Also, it promotes the maturation of the motor nervous system and increases motor skills.

It is proven that sport, in a psychological way, improves mood and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression levels. It makes us feel good emotionally because when we exercise, we free up endorphins, better known as happiness hormones.

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